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  • What Are Water Speakers?

    Add a bit of sparkle with some new water fountain speakers

    speakers background

    They are very attractive speakers, and they are entirely different gadgets compared to the waterproof speakers. When we are looking at the overall performance of the speakers, we check on their sound quality (sound clarity and the volume), battery life (long lasting or not), durability, physical features and ease of use (portability, easy to set up and control, etc.).

    orange background speakers

    These speakers function with the additional water dancing feature which provides and amazing and attractive sight to the listeners. They are filled with colorful water that glows and the bubbles that dance with the beats of the music.


    The speakers may be a great view for children to look at while listening to music and have a good sound output, but they do not produce high-quality audio from them. They are small speakers build to sit on bedroom tables and desks but are too small compared to robust house speakers. They are used to listen to good music, watch movies and play video games

    dancing characters

    These speakers are small in size making them portable to carry anywhere in our bags although they vary in sizes depending on their use. We cannot forget their availability in the market at low and affordable prices to the users. Some users say they are decent due to their size and affordable price.


    They are durable, easy to use and attainable at any market. They can be utilised to decorate our houses due to their beautiful and unique designs.

    usb connected speakers

    They are compatible with other gadgets such as our mobile phones, laptops, tablets, iPods, MP4 and also MP3. Also you can connect with Bluetooth in these devices since some of these speakers are wireless.


    They come with a rechargeable battery though it’s good to note that it a short a battery life span.

    hello kitty water speakers

    Based on research and analysis from the experts, Nerd Wallet is one of the best water speakers, but there are also more categories of this speaker examples; Polly water dancing water speakers, sound soul amplifier speakers, E-joy music dancing water speakers, etc.


    With these features you can determine the type of speakers you require at home and also at work areas.

  • LED Water Speakers

    LED provides an energy efficient way of lighting up speakers

    How Water Speakers Connect With Technology

    With the progression in machinery, technology gave birth to LED lights. Nobody could imagine beyond that but with little more advancement in technology LED Dancing water speakers came into being. The best part of these speakers is they are compatible with all kinds of music players such as computers, iphones, Mp3 players and mobile phones. These speakers are not only the means of playing music but also adding beauty to the room they are placed in.


    With patented jets of water fountain, pulsating LEDs, finest drivers, DE Chrome are actually both aesthetically and sonically pleasant. It possesses exceptionally unique design. Having a built in amplifier along with Hi-Fi stereo system makes it even more desirable. When the music is played it gives perfect effect with ravishing lights and water splashing to dance in it. It usually has size around 22.3 X 6.2 X 5 cm. The size may vary from speaker to speaker. It comes with a power adapter and wall charger. It can be used both for outdoor and indoor activities. These set are available in black base, silver and a few more. These set are a grand complement to any play or work space. An enormously great option, the Waycom 6475945 is a nude bones set of speakers that come in white, pink and black making it perfect for either gender. Use these speakers and give a room dynamic look.


    Do not even think that these speakers can leak. They are totally leakage proof with transparent acrylic tube controlling the mechanism. Light up water speakers will astound you in an amazing way with its 3 dimensional design of viewing. This set of speakers does away with battery, instead of any usb port. It also holds a 30-day guarantee of money back for any technical reason and a warranty of 12 months.

  • Water Fountain Speakers

    Brings the party to you

    speakers in use with macbook

    Enhancing The Room

    Is it too much to ask to have a dancing water show set to music and lights right on your desk? Not anymore! While light shows and fountains have been tied together in public squares for decades and LED water speakers have been a club hit for some time, consumer models have been available for just the past few years.

    speakers with macbook pro

    What are LED water speakers?

    Not to take all the mystery out of your own personal water-light-music show, but they are really just regular external speakers with an attached circular or square clear plastic column that contains a small amount of water and LED lights of different colors.

    white speakers

    Large water speakers: size matters!

    The light beams aren’t visible in the empty air, but they catch water as beats from the music bounce it around. The bouncing water action is caused by a small motor at each speaker’s base which spins a wheel embedded with magnets, which in turn delivers a pulse more or less in time to the bass side of the music. The pulse is pushed by a small fan into the teeny body of water resting on the column, causing it to bounce up and be caught by the LED lights. Result: light show fountain speakers! Woo hoo! Think of the spectacular fountain light shows you’ve seen in Vegas or other places around the world, shrink it way, way down, and you’ve got it. You’ll notice the same elements: water movement, music and lights.


    Bluetooth Water Speakers

    The speakers take an audio feed directly from your device and usually, come with a USB cable to power the lights off your computer. They are easy to set up and the top brands deliver excellent sound quality. Almost all of them are compatible with virtually any music player, smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet, and in addition can be connected via bluetooth for easier music playing.

    So what are you waiting for? Bring a little Vegas to your office or workspace, and let the parties begin!

  • The Best Type of Music For Water Speakers

    We recommend listening to this...

    Watch these speakers in action

    Although you can listen to a wide variety of music with water speakers, over here at strikingly we love dance music tracks

  • List of Product Reviews

    Here are the best water speakers we have found online....

  • ToolTime 2 x 3W Wireless Bluetooth Dancing LED Light Water Speakers Review

    Product Review

    This 2x3 water speaker features LED lights, Is powered by USB, contains multi-colored lights that create a magical and magnificent effect, and is ideal for several devices including Ipods, Ipads, MP3 players, PC’s, Desktops, and Tablets. These speakers provide magnificent sound quality with little to no distortion. Vivid colors are a huge attractors. Sensitivity to sound and adjustable water activation level lets you experience the beautiful effects of the water mixed with the led lights on the slowest of songs. These speakers features are easy to operate and kid friendly with this durable and well built speaker. The speaker is 100% non-toxic inside and out making it great for a family household and safe for pets. The sharp angle combine with the water running down with led lights reflecting off of the surface provides endless possibilities of beauty.

    This product has an outstanding community that allows people to share their views and make recommendations to the company and their future releases of this speaker. With reviews flooding this website with 4 and 5 star ratings guaranteeing that the customer will leave happy and proud of their new product for them and or their family.

    The USB has multiple attachments making it compatible with several different devices and the possibility to be connect to virtually any device sound compatible.




    • The Multicolor LED lights combine with the phenomenal water effects provide the user with a beautiful and smooth experience.
    • 100% non-toxic water speakers make it safe for all households and kid/pet friendly.
    • Fantastic sound quality and very smooth transitioning and water management preventing that irritating dry noise present in the newer models of water speakers.
    • Compatibility with Ipads, Ipods, Ipod Touches, MP3 players, PC’s, Desktops, Tablets, and a majority of sound related devices
    • Multiple attachments to go with this device to enhance its performance are available for purchase.
    • Can be connected to your TV phenomenal performance.
    • Ability to turn off and control water functionality makes this product very reliable with different songs and can be adjusted to your mood.
    • If the product failed, replacement is guaranteed!





    • USB limits usage and location in some situations, it is more expensive to get these speakers with bluetooth connectivity.
    • Occasional flaws in production leads to small leaks, cracks from certain pitches, and early failure reported as early as the first 4 months.
    • A crackling noise is present when overwhelmed by high pitch and very loud bass drops.
    • There is a slight distortion in sound as some people have complained
  • Global Gizmos 36040 2x3W Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers Review

    Global Gizmos 36040 2x3W Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers

    Product Review

    The Global Gizmos Bluetooth Dancing Water Speaker, created by the Benross Group, is designed as a Bluetooth Speaker that plays music while the water inside is pulsing to the beat. Inside the translucent tube are three different streams of water of varying colors that will "shoot" or "spin" the water during the song -creating the dance-like effect. The device is designed to play music from a laptop, mobile phone or Apple product while providing a visually-stimulating effect. However, like all products, this one has both advantages and drawbacks.

    One advantage to the Dancing Water Speaker is that it does contain Bluetooth functionality. This is fairly convenient for anybody who doesn't want to be tied down by cables. Likewise, the speaker is pretty portable, about ten inches tall. This ease of access would be beneficial for a party or gathering. The material is also 100% non-toxic, which is a plus for any user with a small, curious child.

    The product itself does have a few drawbacks. For instance, the product contains a USB cable which makes Bluetooth optional--but this function is limited. Anyone with a mobile phone or iPad-like product would not be able to use this feature as their devices do not contain a USB port and this limits versatility. On top of that, there are reports of unhappy customers. One man said the speakers were "defective", and another woman was upset when she ordered the speakers for her daughter and they came without the water and she could not return the product. This isn't an individual disadvantage, but it is something to be cautious about--ordering from companies with poor production and bad customer service is not a good idea. Keep in mind that there is a limited stock, and this does make things slightly inconvenient. Considering the popularity of the product on sites like Amazon, this warrants that customers must buy quickly or wait for the next shipment to come in stock.

    Overall, the product has one goal: to provide music in an interesting way. It does achieve this goal, and could especially be beneficial for smaller children--who may get entranced by the colorful entertainment--and anxious people--who find the dancing therapeutic and relaxing.



    • High-definition stereo sound quality
    • Good for entertaining children 
    • Completely non-toxic
    • Bluetooth function
    • Battery-powered, charges by USB
    • Portable design
    • No large amounts of cables to deal with



    • Limited USB function for certain technological devices- Somewhat mixed customer reviews having to deal with receiving a defective product
    • Limited stock
  • iBoutique 4th Generation Bluetooth 2.1 Home Theatre Party Dancing Water Speaker System Review

    Editors Top Pick

    iBoutique 4th Generation Bluetooth 2.1 Home Theatre Party Dancing Water Speaker System

    Product Review

    If you want to have fun with your family and friends, you need to get a good speaker system as soon as possible. These systems will allow you take your music to a whole new level of enjoyment in no time, and this is a lot of fun. The Water Speaker System by iBoutique seems to be a good bet when it comes to getting what you need out of a speaker system.

    Amazing Product

    The Water Speaker System by iBoutique is the amazing speaker system that you have been waiting for a long time. Nol only will you be able to listen to your favorite music but also to see it. This is the power of this sytem that you can buy right away. This is an amazing product that you will love right away, as this device will make the water shoot up and down to the beat of the music, which is truly amazing these days too. These speakers just stand out when it comes to giving off amazing sound quality these days too, which is not an exaggeration.


    Fascinating Light Patterns


    The light patterns of this product are just amazing, and they just happen to dance to the rhythm of the music. Getting great sound has never been easier. If you purchase this product for your son, he will really like it. You can even connect the Water Speaker System by iBoutique to a wide array of gadgets in no time, and this is just the beginning of the fun today. This fabulous product is also sold at a great price, and you will love it right away. If you turn the water feature of this product off, the speakers will still work for you right away too.



    • You will get a clear sound right away.
    • You can even connect the device to other gadgets via USB.
    • You just have to use a small amount of water to have tons of fun right away.
    • Getting a good sound output is a reality with this device.
    • The Water Speaker System by iBoutique will still work at even a lower volume.
    • The Water Speaker System by iBoutique is also compatible with a wide array of devices including the iPhones.




    • Though these speakers might feel rather fragile, you will manage to love them down the road too.
    • Now that you know more about Water Speaker System by iBoutique, you should buy them right away. This will allow you to have even more fun over time, which is truly awesome for you right away. You can get the clear sound that you have been seeking for a long time when you purchase this product right away. Remember also that this device is compatible with the iPhone.


  • Invero® USB Muti-Coloured Illuminated Fountain Style Dancing Water Stereo Speaker Review

    Works with all 3.5mm Devices Simple Plug & Play

    Invero® USB Muti-Coloured Illuminated Fountain Style Dancing Water Stereo Speaker

    Product Review

    This little gadget brings a new dimension to enjoying music. It is, quite literally, music you can actually hear and see! Connect the speakers to any sound source and the water jets will make the water dance as water shoots up and down to the sound of your favorite tunes. As a plus, the LED lights in the speakers also light up, creating a mesmerizing light show.


    The stunning visual and musical effects begin the moment you connect the speakers to your smartphone or tablet by using the speaker cable. You can also connect to your PC by way of a simple USB port. It couldn’t be easier. The speakers are very user-friendly, offer excellent sound quality and are fun and relaxing to watch. Take care not to be hypnotized though, since the visual can be truly engaging.


    This is the perfect gift for youth and the young at heart. It brings a new perspective to everyone’s favorite tunes, as you enjoy a display of both water and lights. The speakers are very lights and easy to carry, so you can make a party at your home, student dorm, garden party, camping trip or pretty much anywhere you choose to settle down and let loose. Speakers are of good quality, and are sturdy and durable. For speakers of this size, the sound is authentic and surprisingly good. The design is also very clean, simple, contemporary and fits into any environment.


    Pump up the jam, and the water, with this multicolor dream. Four different colors bring life to your social events or your evening alone time. It’s like having your very own dancing fountain with soothing water flow, lights and music. Relaxation therapy at its best, right in your home.





    ● 3.5mm audio cable that lets you connect to any music player, including mobile phone, MP3, iPhone, iPad

    ● USB power cable so you can connect to your PC

    ● Use USB phone charger to power the speakers

    ● Colorful water jets make the music dance – the louder the sound, the more the water dances!

    ● Water included!




    ● Easy to use and to set up, easily connects to any device with 3.5mm audio output

    ● Compatible with iPhones

    ● Lightweight and portable, easy to use at parties

    ● Looks sleek and stylish

    ● Good sound quality




    ● To make water jump higher, the volume needs to be quite loud

    ● No Bluetooth option or option to cut down on wires, lots of cables give a messy look

    ● No option to set speakers further apart, no flexibility with speaker positioning

    ● Sound quality is not HI FI, not a rich sound

  • Lightahead® New Third generation Colorful Diamond Dancing Water Speaker Review

    Enhanced quality & features 2 in1 USB with Volume & other Controls LED Lamp

    Lightahead® New Third generation Colorful Diamond Dancing Water Speaker

    Product Review

    Music has become humanity’s pride because it can be the reason of a person’s mood. With its own beauty, it is easy to say how music can change a person’s perspective in life. The lyrics or even the soothing tone of it can bring many messages to a person’s thought, revealing how wonderful this piece is. Since then, music doesn’t really fade even though advanced technology have already taken place in this world in order to make mankind satisfied with the easiness of life. As time goes by, technology combines with music resulting an innovating performance and distribution of its concept.


    The Lightahead® 3rd Generation Diamond Dancing Water Speaker is a kind of speaker that is a 2-in-1 USB with volume and features a LED lamp. This technology has become an innovation because the quality of music can be improved with these speakers. This water speaker contains 6W of power and can really save up more energy. Its wonderful design is a very smooth and pleasant six multi-colored LED lights that reflects off the water as it shoots out from the base of the speaker that results of great visual effects. This can be connected to any music source with the standard 3.5 mm jack, other than that this doesn’t require any battery as a source of energy. This shows how innovative this company is when it comes in producing speakers that will, not just to save the consumer the energy and the money in buying the batteries, but also in improving the music quality because of the component of the speaker itself.


    From its own design, it is clear to say that this speaker will give the person a high-quality service because of the functions and the quality of where the components were made in order to produce such sounds and visuals. Unlike other speakers, this speaker can increase the quality of the music, not just by increasing the volume of the music itself. From low quality music into high quality because of the components that are helping the music to be released gradually. Since then, music and technology made a breakthrough where high quality music will be produced with the help of technology. Because of this, it was shown how technology doesn’t just makes the lives of humans easier but it makes their lives more enjoyable with the combination of music. The speaker may be great and efficient to many users, but there will be a set of drawbacks that will be included in this article.




    • USB-powered
    • Brightens up
    • Best LED lights
    • Multi-colored lights
    • Improved sound quality
    • Innovative water visuals
    • Compatible to all devices II.




    • Motor is noisy
    • Less durability


  • Unboxing Review

    Take a look and enjoy this water speaker unboxing video

    Unboxing These Water Speakers From Brand New

    Why? Because everybody loves an unboxing video =)

  • SoundSOUL Music Fountain Mini Amplifier USB Dancing Fountain Speaker Review

    For PC / Mac / MP3 Players / Mobile Phones / Tablets - Blue

    SoundSOUL Music Fountain Mini Amplifier USB Dancing Fountain Speaker

    Product Review

    The SoundSOUL music fountain speakers display an LED water light show to the beat of your music. The 360 degree, glass encased display frames are 9 inches tall, and hook up to any device with a 3.5mm audio jack. The LED light shows in blue, green, orange, and red. The fountain follows the beat of your music, and adjusts height based on increasing or lowering the volume. At 798 grams, less than 2 lbs, these speakers are portable, lightweight, and versatile. These speakers provide a clear sound, and vivid display to stay entertained while listening to your favorite music.

    The speakers come with the option of pink, or blue accents, and a version that comes in the shape of a tube. There are six streaming fountains, and rise with the level of volume. The tube version is slightly more expensive, and comes encased in environmentally-friendly fluids, and a power saving, self selecting option.
    A 1.2 meter (3.9 foot) cord is included. These speakers are USB powered, no batteries are required. Anti-slip strips are included under the base of the speakers.


    Overall, these speakers appear to be a fair price for the quality of sound. The factor leaving a noticeable impression on consumers comes from the light display show, and water fountain volume control. There is a bit lacking when it comes to total volume and bass levels, but this item would be entertaining for children, or a great stocking stuffer gift. You can expect responsive customer service, quick shipment, and attractive packaging to gift this item.
    This has been a review of the SoundSOUL music fountain speakers.



    • Vivid, high-quality light display
    • Portable- Small enough to take on the go.
    • Versatile- Stream music from your computer, laptop, Ipod, or phone.
    • Enough sound for a room, or office.
    • Offers environmentally-friendly option.
    • Great as a novelty gift, or for children.
    • Good sound quality, for low price.
    • Responsive customer service to issues, prompt shipments.
    • Great for dorms, teens, or kids' rooms.
    • Attractive gift packaging.
    • Easy setup.
    • Best when used with a computer or laptop, as USB charging, and audio outputs are close and available.
    • 2013 Computex D&I awards.



    • Average speaker quality.
    • Low speaker volume. (Pro or con for parents.)
    • Does not work on tablets.
    • Glass is fragile
    • Possibility of cracking upon shipment.
    • Reviewed as lacking bass levels.
    • Water only dances with sound, must have music playing, or sound coming through speakers to see the movement
    • Short cable distance between speakers.
    • Not Bluetooth compatible.
  • Svance Dancing Water Speaker Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

    Powerful Stereo Sound with LED Light Show for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Smart Phones, Laptops and Tablets(DIY Water Version)

    Svance Dancing Water Speaker Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

    Product Review

    The Svance dancing water speakers are a great way to have life in your home.they give the best experience when it comes to listening to music and it's a,also interesting on how it has water that dances along with the music.it's unique design is a show of a class and affluence. do you know why it great? see the reasons below that will make you wish to have one for yourself.

    1. Good sound effects.
    It's sound effects are just awesome.see! it has a 360 degrees clarity which makes sure that it's sound is very clear.it also has a built in amplifier that makes it to produce the best sounds.

    2.It has a super squawk box
    A super high material has been used in making this svance wireless speakers to ensure that they lasts long and are firm enough to give a 100% resistance. it also makes it to be easy to move around and use.

    3.Ability to have multiple connections
    The speakers can also be connected in different ways befitting ones needs and all situations. it is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices and therefore can be connected via Bluetooth and you are good to go, listen to music and dance to the tunes. it can also be connected using a micro SD card and then music is played from the SD.and finally it comes with a 3.5 mm audio input port that can also be used to create connections.

    4.It's classic design.
    it has a unique and great LED display light of water that dances as the music is being played.this gives a fantastic feeling and takes a person to the world of water, light and pleasure from the music.it's a great combination and a great item to use when there is need to relax your mind- you listen to the music as well as watch the waters dance.

    However, the product cannot connect to two speakers via Bluetooth hence limiting high volumes when using Bluetooth connections.the high volume lovers may no be fully satisfied for it may not produce those very high sounds thereby citing it as having a flat sound.one should also be very keen on following instructions and the use as it's manual has limited information.therefore to solve the problem one should read the manual carefully when setting the device up in order to avoid damages and to use the speakers properly.


    The Svance wireless speakers are a great deal as they are fun to have and use and also comes with a great design for those who want a touch of class.


    • High quality sound.
    • Can be engaged through multiple connections.
    • It has a great and exclusive design
    • It has a super quality covering box.
    • It comes with a one year warranty and other compliments upon purchase.


    • Cannot connect to multiple speakers
    • Less elaborated instruction manual.
    • Flat sound.
  • Ultra Black Dancing Water Speakers USB Powered Dancing Fountain Speaker Reviews

    For PC/Mac/MP3 Players/Mobile Phones/Tablets available in Black

    Ultra Black Dancing Water Speakers USB Powered Dancing Fountain Speaker

    Product Review

    A small tagline

    When it comes to entertainment, we all want the best. Everybody desires to have the latest and modern gadgets in his or her home. If you are that kind of person and music is your daily dose of medicine. Then you clearly understand the importance of having good speakers which offer quality sound. The Ultra Water Dancing Speakers offer more than just good sound quality, it is correct to say that these speakers combine both style and performance. They come with amazing construction designs that create nice visual patterns as you listen to your favorite music.


    - Warranty: 1 year
    - Available colors: Black & Pink or White
    - Dimensions: 5.1cm by 6.3cm by 22.0cm
    - LED color water display
    - USB supported
    - Power: 3 Watts for each
    - Compatible with mobile phones,PCs & tablets

    The Ultra Black Water Dancing Speakers come with a vivid and colorful LED visual display that will brighten your room as you listen to your music. These speakers are USB powered and give out a remarkabe sound experience. You can choose between three amazing color options, either black, pink or white according to your preference. The pair of speakers put out a total power of 6W, which is more than enough for delivering high-quality sound.

    If good sound quality is what you go for, then the Ultra Water Dancing Speakers might work out for you just fine. The LED display is quite impressive and will give your room an elegant appearance. Water dancing speakers have become more of a trend, everyone wants to have them. Judging by the performance and sound quality they offer, it is quite easy to see why.


    • Good quality sound and remarkable performance
    • Vivid and colorful LED display that coordinates with the beats of the music
    • Portable and easy to set up.Perhaps the main advantage of these speakers is how easy they are to set up. You would expect speakers of this caliber to be a bit complicated and hard to get them running. They come with easy-to-follow instructions that will guide you step by step on how to go about everything.
    • Compatible with mobile phones, PC, and tablets. This means that, you can connect them to either of the gadgets and enjoy your playlist anytime you wish.
    • Light and portable. The speakers are easy to move around and can be placed at any preferred point of your room.


    • Lacks good creativity in terms of shape and design. The speakers are tall and might not impress buyers who go for uniqueness and creatively sophisticated designs.
    • Fragile and prone to damage. Dropping the speakers or any form of mishandling can easily damage them
  • SoundSOUL Music Fountain Mini Amplifier Water Speakers I-station7 Apple Speaker Review

    Product Review

    The mini music fountain water speakers by SoundSOUL are certainly unique with their fine jets of water sprinting along to the beat of the music you're listening to, but if you're thinking of purchasing this product there is some key information you should know before making a decision.

    About The Product


    This water speaker is about nine inches tall, comes in two colors and features a bright LED water display. A device is connected to the speaker and it amplifies the sound while lights and water move to the rhythm of the music playing.
    Now on to the good and bad features of the music fountain speaker.

    The Good The music fountain is exceptionally unique. Not many run-of-the-mill speakers have built in lights to go with music, along with water that rises in jets to the beat. This all makes for a spectacular visual experience with the water show, and many colors (blue, red, green and orange) of lights to enjoy while listening to some of your favorite melodies.

    It can be plugged into both Apple and Android devices or anything with an audio jack, which is all that needs to be done to get it up and working in regards to installation and set up.

    There is a button to turn off the water, and the lights are rich with bold colors. Additionally, many praise the great customer service they received and the price isn't too steep.

    However, there are a few negative aspects to this product.
    The Bad From looking back at many customer reviews on sites like Amazon, it seems a consensus has been reached as to the sound quality of the music fountain speakers: not great. In fact, they have very little bass and the music does not come out as clear as one would like.

    When using the water feature, music has to be on full volume or else the water will have a hard time picking up the beat and moving along. Also, this product does not ship the United States.



    • Unique
    • Looks amazing
    • Entertaining
    • Easy to use
    • Brilliant Lights
    • Small, can fit in tight places
    • Water Show
    • Cheap
    • Useful, music is a big part of people's every day lives and this offers a new way to enjoy it
    • Makes a great gift
    • Fast and free shipping (in the U.K.), according to Amazon reviews
    • Lights and water move along to the rhythm of the music



    • Subpar sound quality
    • Does not ship to U.S.
    • Water will not move unless on full volume
    • Easy to break/crack
    • Not very loud